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Tel: 201.898.2936


159 Grove St.

Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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Question: What does the $15 minimum mean?

Answer: There is a $15 minimum per order. Since we charge $1.35 per pound for wash and fold, it's basically a little over 10 pounds of laundry. If you send us less than 10 pounds of laundry, you will be charged $15 for that order.

Question: Is delivery free of charge?

Answer: Yes! Both pickup and delivery are free.

Question: Are there any hidden costs?

Answer: No there are not. All pickup and delivery are free and any extra charge items you can find on our pricing page.

Question: Can I use my own laundry detergent?

Answer: Of course you can! Just leave it with our driver and we will use your detergent and/or softener.

Question: How much does your service cost?

Answer: We charge $1.35 for wash and fold laundry. Please check out our Pricing page for a full price list.

Question: Do you have same day service?

Answer: Yes we do! Same day service is $2 per pound.

Question: What is the turnaround for wash and fold orders?

Answer: Our wash and fold pickups are delivered back to you the next day.

Question: Do you accept credit card?

Answer: We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master, American Express, Discover. You can also pay by cash when our driver delivers your order.

Question: Where do I submit my credit card information to pay for my order?

Answer: Once we weigh your order you will receive an email with your order total and a link to enter your credit card information. Or you can pay on the CleanCloud App (please find the link to the app on the bottom of this page.) Once you choose NJ Laundry Services - Bloomfield NJ as your default store and log in, you will be able to add your credit card on your account by selecting the Menu on the top left and then Update Credit Card.

Question: I am unable to sign up, or having trouble placing an order. What do I do?

Answer: You can give us a call or text at 201-898-2936 and we will be able to place an order for you.

Question: What if my location is outside of your area? Will you be able to accommodate me?

Answer: Possibly! We try our best to accommodate our customer's needs. However there will be a $10 surcharge when you are outside of our area. To see our service area, please check out our Service Area page.

Question: Will your driver let me know when he or she is on their way to pickup or delivery?

Answer: Yes. You will receive an email with a link to see our driver's location when they are on their way to you.

Question: Could I tip the driver?

Answer: Yes absolutely! We thank you for that. You may tip them by cash or add the tip amount when you place your order.

Question: I really like your service. Do you offer any referral credit if I recommend you to others?

Answer: We do have a referral program, and if your friend uses the code you gave them when they signup, you will receive $5 credit in your account and your friend will receive $5 credit on their account. To get to the personalized code: you have to have the CleanCloud App, then choose NJ Laundry Services - Bloomfield NJ as your default store and log in. Then press the menu on the top left corner, then select "Get Free Credit". Copy that code there and send it to whomever that could use our service!